Anchor Portland Composite Cement (PCC)

Anchor Portland Composite Cement is a composition of clinker, gypsum and high quality supplementary cementations materials (SCM) such as, ground granulated blast furnace slag, silica fame, fly ash, and limestone. It is produced according to the European norms BDS EN 197-1:2003, which qualities company with the ASTM (American Standard Testing Method) and BIS ( Bureau Indian Standard) . Olympic Cement Ltd. has introduced Portland Composite Cement (PCC) during 2005. Anchor Portland Composite Cement have higher long term strength and better workability due to its production design. It contributes long term strength with PCC. It amplified as time progress and increase the density of concrete. This density contributes the higher and lifetime durability of construction.

Technical information:

BDS EN 197-1:2003; CEM II B-M/ (S-V-L), 42.5 N Component:

Clinker – 65-79%
Gypsum – 0-5%

Slag, Fly ash and Limestone – 21-35%

Advantage of Anchor Cement: (PCC)

  • Finer the Ordinary Portland cement
  • Long term strength due to its pozzolanic reaction
  • Improves work ability of concrete
  • Reduced water demand contributes to higher strength of concrete
  • Less possibility of bleeding and segregation due to its reduced water requirement
  • 25% less heat of hydration results in lower thermal expansion and less possibility of cracking afterward
  • High resistance to chemical attack (sea water, acids, chloride, sulphate)
  • Lower permeability results dense concrete
  • Smooth concrete surface
  • Reduces lime leaching
  • Prohibits corrosion of steel concrete Applications:
  • Mass concreting and all RCC structures
  • Residential apartments and any types of structures
  • Hospital , Shopping malls
  • Commercial and industrial structures
  • Submerged and underground structures