Modern Technology & Equipment’s

Anchor Cement is being produced in Close Circuit technology.In addition to this,the O’sepa Separator system (German technology) is included in machinery that assures the fineness of the cement. The entire production system is computerized. In addition,the company undertakes research work for adopting further potential technology.

Production Process & Control

All raw materials are shifted to the separate mill feeding hoppers from the warehouse then feeds to the ball mill by individual calibrated weigh feeders maintaining proper ratio. Cement produced by close circuit process system and preserve in concrete silos from which it is later extracted to be distributed by packing operations.In the control center area ( CCR), state of the art technology is used to monitor and control the entire production process. Under the keen eye of a specialists team that analyze the quality of raw materials, inter-mediate and final products. Thereby we guarantee the excellence of the cement that is delivered to the valued customers.